01 August 2013


Hey, it's august already!


Blogging. I used to blog a lot like 3 years ago. Now it's like we have Instagram & twitter yo! HAHA

Well, you know what is hard? Making decisions. The ones you have to do by hook or by crook. Though you have to do it unwillingly. Though your heart breaks. That's life. It's all about making the right choices. So what if you don't have a choice? What if that is the only choice?

Sad, isn't it. But you just have to do it out of sacrifice. Sacrifice?

"A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act."

Sometimes there are things you just have to let go due to sacrifices. Though it hurts you so much. You just have to. Some may be happy but some may be not. But at times you just have to do what is right. Though it means letting go, though it means a lot to you. 

One may not understand the sacrifice of others unless one is in his shoes. I guess some people may talk bad of others without even further investigating. You know like how fast rumours spread.

"Poor kid, you know...."
"Hey, I read her posts & they were so tragic, & you know like ......."
"Yarabhi! tauk sik nya nak..."
"AOK! kmk baca status nya tek bha. Kempang ati nya ya..."

Those are the usual words people use to tell stories of others haha!

Well, I don't know why I need to know what others think of.
Let people tell bad stories of you. If they don't know the truth, then they are spreading rumours & fitnah right? Then you get pahala what? HAHA.
The story is one sided. You need to listen to both sides you know.

But usually after hearing both sides as for me, I go all blurry haha! Then I feel pity for both side.

Well whatever it is, people should not judge without knowing. How if a person makes a decision due to sacrifices. A person has to choose between two. How hard is that?

Though a person has already stood of for his/ her opinion but it is just isn't enough.
Tell me how the world can be such an injustice place?

Heart breaks, time heals?

Anyway, only 7 days left to syawal!

This ain't a good news for me. I don't think I've done enough of the good deeds yet.

Need to recharge this Iman so badly. Am so lost

But whatever it is, I'll always dua for the best. I would never dua for bad things. I won't tell others of the bad things. Because if we jaga the aib of others, Allah would jaga our aib too kan?

It may be cruel to do such decision. But one must understand WHY

I strongly believe in Allah & qada & qada. If this is how it is supposedly to be I redha
But it takes time to heal a broken heart.

Allah please give us the heart to carry one. To hold on to what is right. To make the best decisions for us. Whatever happens, I'll accept them as it it.


20 July 2013


Dear July.


I know i've not blogged anything since well for about 6 months. HAHA
OMG. I do think that I  desperately need to improve my writing because I'll start my dissertation quite soon.

Only a left year of degree, Inshaallah & I'm scared. I need to catch up my CGPAs. The last semester I did pretty bad. Like horrible bad- bad. Gosh I've never felt really disappointed upon receiving results during my diploma days. Receiving my degree results the other day was too shocking.

Well that is the previous semester. As for this semester let us pray that I'll do my best aite? Haha.
Tawakal & doa is all that's left & there isn't anymore! Haha so 'madeline' words.

Currently having my semester break. I must say, there are a lot of dramas as for this semester. I mean I feel like you know, those korean, hindustan & malay movies. As I am the lead actor. LOL

I think i need to blog again. As through blogging I find myself writing all the things I want and I feel at ease. I could polish my rusty grammar & my iman as well.

Happy ramadhan to all muslims! Yeah and the fact that i said starting on every post imma write did you know. Well, did you know that I am now 22? Haha thanks for all the birthday wishes family & friends :)  Alhamdulillah I am still here.

01 January 2013

year 2013,

All of a sudden I just have the urge to post something on my blog again. The itch to write is just too

irresistible, you know what I mean? It's the first day of 2013, how can I not post something right? I do 

think that this is the side effect of watching the perks of being a wallflower too? Perhaps. I wish 

I could own a typewriter and write, dear friend, a lot of thing happens this year. It's hard for me to cope 

with certain things. Being too contented, sad and all of other feelings all jumbled up in the moment. I 

often find myself so caught up at the moment. 

If only.

Dear friend. HAHA

Okay let's get things straight. I am currently doing my degree for now in B.Sc Construction 

Management. Oh, do not get me start on that. It's tough for sure. Things aren't sailing too smoothly 

most definitely. But, this is life, Allah has a plan for us. No matter what, I must get through with this 


So, what happened in 2012? Well let's just say Alhamdulillah :)

I graduated my diploma & had the worst fever during my convocation, I had to endure the pain. I felt 

so feverish that I forgot when was the last time I ever felt that feverish. 

My sister got married :) Now I have a new brother in law :) they are happily married now :)

Zarith just finished his SPM & can now drive a car since he is currently taking his driving licence.

The hotel will be soon opening on the February of 2013. Hoping things will be fine because in the 

making of the hotel it ain't easy my friend, it's a tough business I must say. Soon or later, people are

going to find out about it anyway, a hotel which I think is cosy because why? Because my awesome

mum & dad had their hands on it :) I am planning to sell my cookies there too heehee. This is of course

upon their approval which has been so HAHA

Oh, i am now in a relationship again with my man. Need I say more? Let's just say as long the both of

us know how to take care of ourselves & my parents are okay with that InshaAllah things will be fine.

But as for now, we'll focus on study alright? Hehe.

I am glad things are okay Alhamdulillah. I am glad I have girlfriends of all sorts. Most of the time we 

go out just to eat or shop or some movies. But that is just how girls are. Nenek once told me, "enjoy 

your  life as a virgin because you might not be able to go back where you were before" but still that

doesn't mean all I do is to have fun. 

Balance, that is of utmost importante thing right?

One of the happiest moments in life is not the big things we achieve but simply the little things which keeps us contented and make us smile 

05 April 2012

heaven home

It's obvious to anyone that whenever this word come to our mind all of those good things & homey feeling with family would come across. Most certainly, :J I love home.

chocolate macaroni & cheese feelings b:

Alhamdulillah, I am in the process of charging my iman, if only iman are available at supermarkets near us i'd buy them because that way, it would be easy peazy to gain our iman! But no, you see, Iman could not be bought nor could it be inherited :') MashaAllah.
energy bars :D 

Sometimes, there are ups and downs of an Iman. I du'a for a steadfast iman & which will keep on increasing not decreasing. I realized that I have changed. Therefore, I need to increase this iman of mine. I am just a servant of Allah & i do realize that I am weak. We humans tend to make mistakes but we could still regret & taubat InshaAllah ;) May Allah guide me in every step of mine , Allah ar-Rahim :)

Repentance :)

Starting from now every blog post would end with a Salam and a fact HAHA! i just love fun-facts :)

Till the next blog post,
Assalamualaikum   :B
Meaning of Zulaikha
I always wondered what  is the real meaning of my name because  ayah gave me my name mainly because he wants to call me ika, well from what i know that is :B . Most of people tend to laugh at it when it comes to the meaning of my name because we all know, she is  The wife of Prophet Yusof A.S who seduced him before he was her husband. =,= .It's sad that people laugh & tell you're a seducer D':
What makes it difficult is that it is hard to look for the meaning of Zulaikha in Malay.But easy in english :D

So i googled, thanks to mr.googly-goo this it the meaning omg, funny
so beautiful that people gape in wonderment.


04 April 2012


Holidays have just started! Alhamdulillah wheeeeeeheeee XD but i have this microsoft project class to attend frim 9th to 25th of April oh yeah uh lame--, but still kan holidays! bebas dari segalenyerr haha. Just a short post to say I'm back to blogging! My blog has been abandoned, poor bloggie :( It's okay I'm back, InshaAllah :)

A random picture i saved :B

May our iman increase from day to day :D InshaAllah